Junior and Open Horse Show 

Saturday, Septmber 7 @ 9AM

Classes and Rules

H-Classes-Junior Class

Exhibitor Must be 8 years of age by Jan 1, 2024 and not 20 years of by Dec 31, 2024. Horses shown in H (Jr) classes can only be shown by same rider in R (open) classes. NO stallions may be shown by anyone under 20. Exhibitors limited to 2 entries per class.

Class No: H-1-850
Jr. Poles

Class No: H-1-853
Jr. Flags

Class No: H-1-851
Ring Race

R-Classes-Open Class

All exhibitors must have a collared shirt. Electric eye will be used. 3-D adult barrels are 18 and over. The Calhoun County Fair Board is not responsible for accidents

Class No: R-1856 2-D
Open Poles
2nd Division

Class No: R-1-857
2-D Flags
2nd Division

Class No: R-1-858
3D Barrels
2nd Division
3rd Division

Class No: R-1-859
Plug Race

Class No: R-1-860 4D
Open Barrels
2nd Division
3rd Division
4th Division

If you have any questions or need more information call (618)576-2764 or (618)535-1021.


Simmons Hanly Conroy
Bank of Calhoun County
Ryan Bland
Two Rivers Coffee Co
Calhoun County Farm Bureau
TriCounty FS

Calhoun County Fair

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